Honeycrisp Apples

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Westlake Weekly Update 9.9.20 


Featured Item: Honeycrisp Apples


Fall means two things: apples and football.  As we head into football season beginning Thursday, new crop Honeycrisp Apples are being harvested and ready to ship to you, just in time to buy and bake those apple pies!  There’s nothing like a long lazy Sunday watching football and a fresh apple pie baking in the oven. 


The apple to watch, just like the player to watch, Mahomes, may be expensive, but boy is it worth it!  The Honeycrisp apple is the real deal.  If you’ve ever bitten into the apple, you may have noticed a slight difference. The Honeycrisp has a different cell structure.  Since they were grown for their taste, they have naturally larger cells than any other apple on the market. These larger cells hold more juice and flavor within.  Add to that, Honeycrisp apples have double the cells!  All those extra larger cells, means you have an incredibly sweet and tangy apple, that fractures cleanly in your mouth. 


 Eating one is like a sensory overload of taste, texture, and sound.  When you bite into the apple, rupturing the cells, you set off a chain reaction of senses.  First, you hear that crunch, then your mouth fills with the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and finally, you get a whiff of apples and honey.  Honeycrisps are the apple to snack on.  Even the pickiest little eaters can’t resist the thin skin and crisp texture of a Honeycrisp.  


Don’t stop there!  These apples are excellent for baking.  In fact, Bon Appetit calls the Honeycrisp its “desert-Island” apple. Its crisp texture and taste hold up phenomenally well when baked into a crisp, a  pie, or a pandowdy.  Don’t know what that last one is?  Check out this recipe for one at Half Baked Harvest.


Either way you cut, bite, or slice ‘em, Honeycrisp apples may cost a little more, but will score you the most points, just like the TDs we hope to see Thursday night! DaDaDa DaDaDa





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