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Westlake Weekly Update 9.16.20 


Featured Item: Fall Favorites


Fall is just a mere week away.   As the days begin to get shorter, the night air gets cooler, and Starbucks starts pumpkin’ those lattes out in record speed, we start dreaming of our fall favorites. 


With our selection of fall pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn, and even corn stalks, the opportunities are endless to turn your home into an autumnal Instagram worthy paradise!   


Pumpkins come in a wide variety of choices.  You’ve got the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Members of the squash family are grown in many colors from traditional orange carving pumpkins to a greenish-grey heirloom pumpkin.  The size range is even more diverse. Fill up your display with a selection of mini orange, white, and striped pumpkins, or make a bold statement with one of our show stopping  “Big Mac” pumpkins, weighing up to 150+ pounds! These outrageously large pumpkins draw the attention of kids and old-timers alike!  


Trends today are pushing consumers to not only buy timeless orange pumpkins, but also to purchase heirloom pumpkins, like the charming  “Fairytale Pumpkin.”  Especially as people are staying home more, they’re desiring a pumpkin patch at home.  Adding white, knucklehead, and warty minion pumpkins to their indoor and outdoor holiday displays!


When designing a store or home arrangement, don’t limit your options to just pumpkins.  Gourds add an element of surprise to your fall displays.  Those adorably weird and colorful hard skinned fruits are just begging to jump into your shopping baskets!  Especially the aptly named snake gourd!  Imagine the wonder and surprise of bringing home one of these unique gourds!


Rounding out your autumn oasis are ornamental corn and dried corn stalks. Don’t be tempted to eat these dried colorful corn on the cobs.  Instead bundle a few and hang from your front door with a bit of pretty ribbon or raffia.  Or if you’re looking for a real wow factor, use a bunch of mini ornamental corn on the cobs and glue onto a wreath.  


The options are absolutely gourd-geous and plentiful this season!





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