Packing machines are a
vital component in modern
agriculture and food
processing. Our newest
machine is designed for
produce such as onions,
potatoes, and a variety of
citrus. It offers several
key features tailored to
handle different types of
produce. Our
state-of-the-art machine
safely and efficiently sorts,
grades, and separates them
based on size, shape, and
quality. It carefully
weighs and measures each
commodity before placing
them gingerly into the
appropriate mesh bags.

Whether customizing a
product into your specific
pack style or needing to
repack a product due to
quality issues, Westlake
Produce has trained
employees to handle
conventional and organic
produce to meet your
needs. Innovative designs
and colorful, engaging
labels align with the
growing environmental

capability to rebrand newly
bagged produce with your
own private label.
With a focus
on consumer engagement
and sustainability, modern
rebranding labels not only
display essential product
information but also create
a sense of brand loyalty
and recognition. It
provides the flexibility to
tailor packaging to target
specific market segments
and align with a company’s
values, ensuring a
competitive edge in the

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