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Westlake Weekly Update 8.19.20 


Featured Item: Jalapenos From Santa Maria



We all know and love jalapenos.  It is the favored pepper in the US.  However, you may not be aware of their humble beginnings.  Jalapenos are bright, earthy, and spicy when eaten raw.  When they’re cooked or roasted, they take on a sweeter smoky flavor. The Aztecs were on to something when they dried jalapenos. Here’s where it got interesting…rather than consume them, they smoked them! We’re not talking about smoking in a smoker either!  The Aztecs were the first known group to use the popular pepper this way or any way! (Disclaimer: Do not try this at home) 


So now you know the jalapeno’s checkered past, but do you know where the name comes from?  The jalapeno’s name literally means “from Jalapa,” which is a large city in Mexico.  The peppers were originally cultivated in Jalapa.  Today, they’re grown all over in New Mexico, Texas, and beautiful Santa Maria, California.  Westlake is now harvesting jalapenos from our growers in this region.


Most consider jalapenos a “hot” pepper, but in terms of the Scoville Scale, the measuring system for a pepper’s heat index, they fall more in the mild to medium range.  The Scoville Scale begins with a heat index of zero, think of bell peppers. The scale goes all the way up to 800,00 to 1,000,00, such as a Ghost pepper.  The jalapeno registers an index of 3,500 to 8,000.  


That’s not to say that jalapenos are for wimps!  Those waxy green or red chilies can carry quite a kick when added to your plate!  It’s good to note that when you find you’ve bitten off more than you can handle, don’t reach for a large glass of water.  You’re better off grabbing a glass of milk!  The milk contains casein.  Casein is a protein found in dairy products and washes the heat away!  


One thing is for sure; jalapenos can be hot! Instead of “smokin” them as the Aztecs did, try smoking them and adding to your recipes.  Check out this handy method for smoking chilies at home, not “smokin” chilies with your homies! 






The California dragon fruit season has started!  Although it is off to a slow start, we expect more volume in the next week or two. Sizes can range from 7ct to 16ct for #1 fruit. Call us directly for pricing and sizes available. 

We have yellow dragon fruit readily available from Ecuador. Expect yellow dragon fruit out of Ecuador to last for the next week or so, then the season will gap until Early Fall.

Young coconut is available from Thailand and Vietnam.  The pricing is starting to stay consistent while expecting high volumes in the coming weeks.

Call for daily updates! 




This week, all we can talk about is how it’s going to be! Which will bring on high-colored fruit – so please check in with us if you plan to ship fruit out of state.  Currently, it is day to day based on the conditions in the field.

We have blueberries readily available.  Our domestic fruit is available from Oregon and Washington.   Call for pricing and pack styles! 

Our raspberries continue to be in high demand!  There has been a limited supply,  which has only increased pricing. 

Domestic blackberries also continue to be limited, especially while we are experiencing high temperatures in California.























































































































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