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Westlake Weekly Update 5.6.20 

Featured Item: Jalapeno’s from Coachella Valley “some like it hot” 

When you think of fruit, you might not think of spicy. But, jalapenos are actually a fruit! They are part of a unique family of fruits like tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant, disguised as a vegetable. These medium-sized peppers are widely used in Mexican cuisine but are gaining popularity in other dishes, such as drinks, pasta dishes, and even cookies! Try in any recipe that you want to “spice” up a little, without inducing tears. Jalapenos are widely available and never disappoint. They have a hot factor but can be tamed, without losing the pepper flavor. 

What makes them hot is a chemical called capsaicin. This chemical compound, found mainly in chili peppers, has been linked to fat-burning…good news for all of us fighting the quarantine fifteen! Most people think the heat comes from the seeds found in the jalapeno, but it is actually the white pithy ribs that have the concentrated levels of capsaicin. The heat index registers the jalapeno between 2,500 to 8,000 on the Scoville scale. The spiciness varies depending on factors, such as the amount of sunlight and PH levels of the soil. 

Jalapenos are sold green but did you know that left to ripen, they turn red. In case you’re wondering, the color change does not affect the heat of the pepper. The flavor has been said to be more fruitier, as it changes color. Furthermore, once ripened and dried, they become a chipotle! 

Using jalapenos is easy! They can be diced, sliced, pickled, roasted, sauteed, or eaten whole! Just remember to wear gloves when handling cut jalapenos. If you find yourself with burning fingers, try making a paste with baking soda and water to run onto your hands or wash your hands with dish soap or vinegar. To make the pepper milder, remove most of the white ribs within, or to make the jalapenos sweeter, roast them before using. Of course, you can always do the standard jalapeno poppers, but it’s the time to try new recipes! Click the link to the recipes for using jalapenos in pasta sauces. 

Westlake has your Jalapenos available now from the Coachella Valley. Reach out to us today to order! 

CHERRIES: The California cherry crop was set to start the week of April 20th. The updates from the field inspectors are telling us that all districts will be in production roughly the same time. This will make for a fast and compact season. We will continue to keep you updated as we get closer to the season. We are excited to be kicking off the 2020 cherry season. Stay tuned! 


Jaffa’s newest product out of Israel is the Hadas mandarin. Similar to the Orri, it is the last of the mandarins. It is seedless and very sweet! The product arrived last week in the US and will be available in California in just two weeks! Although the supply is light, Westlake has availability. We also have just received Peruvian clementines. This citrus is just starting to make its way into the US market. Most shipments have been coming into the East Coast. This has allowed California to finish up with their local crop. The fruit is showing clean, with a great flavor, especially for this early crop. The clementines are packed in 22lb containers and available now. The supply is limited for the next several weeks, so put your orders in now! Chilean clementines are also making their way into the US in the next two weeks. These varieties mark the beginning of the citrus import season. 


Mangoes will continue to be limited due to the transitioning of growing regions. Call for daily updates, 

Pineapples are quickly becoming limited. Westlake can still offer pineapples from Costa Rica and Veracruz. Please give us a ring to check availability as the situation changes daily. 


Don’t forget to order your last minute berries, as we near Mother’s Day weekend! Westlake is packing 8/1# and 4/2# …plus we have stem berries available. 

Call for daily pricing and availability 

There is still some strawberry volume left out of Oxnard, but we expect it to decrease by mid-May. Santa Maria and Salinas/Watsonville are picking up some of that demand. 

We have great deals on organic strawberries and blueberries out of Mexico and California! Our blackberries and blueberries have been consistent, so call for special offers! 


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