Summer Citrus Margarita

Prep: 15 mins

Chill: 30 mins 

Serving: Makes two cocktails



Valencia or Navel Orange 3oz fresh-squeezed juice  

Star Ruby Grapefruit 3 oz of fresh-squeezed juice

Lemon 2-3 Tbsp of fresh-squeezed juice

3 oz of tequila

1 oz of triple sec

Margarita Salt

Lime, lemon, orange wedge for garnish



In a large shaker, add all ingredients.  Shake well over ice.  Add to salted margarita glasses and add a good helping of ice.  Garnish with various citrus wedges.  Makes two summer cocktails.


Alternatively, add 2 oz of fresh-squeezed tangerine juice.  


The nice thing about this recipe is it can be made ahead in a pitcher.  Instead, use 1 cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 cup of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. Add 3 oz of fresh-squeezed lemon juice or tangerine juice.  Add 8 oz or 1 cup of tequila and 4 oz of triple sec.  Mix well and leave in the fridge until ready to pour.  Juice may settle if it sits too long, be sure to stir or mix well, before pouring over prepared glasses.