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Westlake Weekly Update 9.28.21


Featured Item: Pretty Pumpkins

People are pretty picky when picking pretty pumpkins. Can you say that fives time fast?  But the truth is, with such a plethora of pumpkins to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming when picking that perfect pumpkin. 


It also depends on what you are using said pumpkin for …  Will it be for adorning the front porch, welcoming your guests? Maybe you’re looking for something to carve into a frightening jack o’ lantern, or perhaps you want a pumpkin to bake into a pie!  


Then what color should you choose?  These winter squashes, technically named “Cucurbita,” come in orange, but do you prefer an amber shade to an apricot color?  Then you have the beautiful blues, soft to deep greens, ghostly whites, and even inky blacks!


Even after you’ve chosen the color, then there is size to consider.  Pumpkins range from itty bitty minis to jumbo country fair winning size.  


The easy answer to all these decisions is why choose just one?  


Every year, I buy at least one pumpkin to roast and eat.  If you have never roasted and pureed a pumpkin for a pie, you MUST try!  The texture is phenomenal!  Yes, it takes more work than pulling out a can opener but, fresh is always best!  Plus, there are so many great edible varieties to try and buy.


The most common edible pumpkin is the Sugar Pie.  These smaller versions of the iconic jack o’ lanterns are widely available and ideal for cooking.  Their smaller size makes them easy to cut, core, and roast.  They’re an excellent choice for savory dishes or sweet baked treats!


However, there are sweeter varieties that chefs prefer, such as the Long Island Cheese.  One look at these, and you can guess how they got their name.  Medium-sized and squatty, they resemble a giant wheel of cheese.  They have a higher sugar content and are preferred for baking into pies.   


You thought tomatoes only had heirloom varieties, but there are heirloom pumpkins as well, as the Australian Jarrahdale.  These harder-to-find pumpkins range in color from pale gray to greenish-blue.  They’re lovely as a display but are the finest pumpkins for baking into pies, tarts, or bars.  Full of flavor and nearly stringless, they have a texture that is dense and deliciously creamy.  


Besides eating, any pumpkin makes the perfect autumn display. So whether you choose to go with the standard orange,  soft pastels, or a mix of all, the hunt is on!  Edible or ornamental, pumpkins are the best fruits for fall!








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