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Westlake Weekly Update 10.6.21


Featured Item: Opal Apples


“Opal Of My Eye”

It’s hard to ignore someone who is a natural beauty.  That rare person, man or woman, that your eyes are drawn to.  There is just something about them that makes them stand out.  And yes, beauty is subjective, but there are some things that nature creates that are undeniably beautiful.  One such beauty is the Opal apple.  


It’s hard to miss them in the produce department.  They stand out bright and welcoming like a summer sun, next to all those red, pink, and green apples.  Upon closer inspection, they have cute brown spots like freckles, and their yellow skin is almost iridescent and lit from within.  These apples have a little russeting around the stem, but that just adds to its charm.


You may be thinking, “Doesn’t true beauty come from within?”.  Guess what; the Opal is just as gorgeous inside! They have a bright, creamy white interior that is resistant to browning.  Yep, that’s right, you can cut this apple and leave it out and it will barely change appearance.


As someone who loves to prep early, especially for parties, the Opal is my go-to for entertaining!  You can add cut apples to a charcuterie board way before guests arrive, create a platter of cut apples and caramel dip for the kids, or cut up apples for a large salad, and not worry!  With the Opal, you don’t have to wait until the last second to chop apples or, worse, soak them in saltwater or pineapple juice to prevent browning. Instead, they will stay just as white as when you first sliced them.


If that wasn’t enough, the apple Gods didn’t stop there.  The Opal, a product of the Golden Delicious and Topaz is remarkably juicy and flavorful.  The taste profile is sweet but with a tart finish.  It’s been compared to the apple du jour, the Honeycrisp.  The Opal has a crisp bite with hints of pear, coconut, and even banana.  


Since the Opals are now in season from Washington, you’ll be seeing these beauties a lot where you shop.  They are hard to miss or resist. So go ahead and stare; it’s never a crime to admire a natural beauty!



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