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Westlake Weekly Update 9.22.21


Featured Item: Knutzen Farms


“A Family’s Passion for Potatoes”


Coming into the Northwestern corner of Washington state, you’ll see fields of flourishing crops and rows of tulips depending on the time of year, but the true gem is just below the surface. Red, yellow, and white spuds are quietly looming in the soil, just waiting for the Knutzen family to harvest them from the fertile soil. 


The Skagit Valley is one of the country’s largest and most critical agricultural valleys, and with good reason.  Along this corner of the world, the Skagit and Samish rivers flooded the area for thousands of years, depositing nutrient-rich matter into the soil, making it into today’s lush and fertile region.  But long before that, two hard-working visionaries, Metta and Jess Knutzen from Denmark had to see beyond the rough land littered with “stumps and snags.”  Their dream of finding a place “where the grass stays green, and the flowers bloom all year” was finally achieved.  Though not without a lot of hard work.   


With the help of their seven sons, kudos to Jess for that feat alone; they not only planted those first potatoes but planted the seed of passion for generations to come. 


That passion is still prevalent in the fifth and sixth-generation Knutzens. But again, the family component is vital.  Because of this passionate family of farmers, they are known for producing the best red potatoes in the continental U.S.  


That family extends beyond the fifth and sixth generations running the farm today.  The Knutzens treat each crop like their children.  Lovingly nurturing them from seed to table, they ensure you get superior spuds every time!


The soil, sun, and most importantly, the family are why the Knutzen Chuckanut Valley red, yellow, and white potatoes are world-famous.  In a world where things are so uncertain, it’s comforting to know that something that started over one hundred years ago remains in the same hands.








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