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Westlake Weekly Update 9.15.21


Featured Item: Honeycrisp Apples


I have a confession to make; I prefer apples to pumpkins in the fall.  I know… I know… it’s all about pumpkin-spiced everything around this time of year, but for me, it’s all about them apples!  One lovely lady in particular right now…the Honeycrisp apple. 


I have always been an apple girl.  I will even admit that I was a red delicious fan as a kid, but I chalk that up to its looks and school-age propaganda.  The red delicious resembled the ideal apple advertised to all kids, bright red and bulbous.  But as I got older and my tastes developed, I discovered there’s a whole other world of apples!  


I distinctly recall my first time tasting a Honeycrisp apple.  Cue the flashback music… It was October 2009, and I was driving in upstate New York.  I pulled over at a farm stand because I will always pull over for a farm stand, and I bought a bag of super large pink striped apples, they didn’t look particularly special, but the farmer insisted they were delicious. It was a “new” variety I hadn’t ever heard of.  I bought a large bag and went on my way.


Later that night, I had my first bite, and it was like tasting the colors of fall!  The juice from the apple exploded in my mouth and ran down the sides of my face.  I don’t ever remember a red delicious doing that!  And its crisp texture just got better with every bite!  If you’ve ever eaten one, you know the Honeycrisp is a near-perfect apple when eaten raw.  That is thanks to the larger individual cells within its flesh.  Those cells are the reason why they are so juicy. When you bite into them, the cells break open and release the fragrant juice.  Then there’s the flavor.  It is crisp, bright, sweet, and tart, with hints of honey.  But, they’re not just for eating raw; Honeycrisp is also ideal for baking and cooking! Sorry, granny smiths, Honeycrisp has taken over as the baker’s apple choice. 


They’re in season now,  and even if you’re a pumpkin-spiced fan, these apples are worth grabbing!  










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