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Westlake Weekly Update 8.18.21 


Featured Item: Gotta Get Galas


There are some time-honored back-to-school traditions that we still hold onto, such as gifting a teacher with an apple on the first day of school.  In fact, the apple has become a symbol for teachers and classrooms for as long as I can remember!  But how did the noble apple get this scholarly reputation?  It’s not like teachers have an insatiable appetite for apples.


According to historians, teachers in the early pioneer days were often paid low wages ( no comment), and the community was expected to help house and feed the women who taught their children. Since apples are hardy and have a long shelf life; they were much appreciated gifts for teachers. 


But the apple has an even older theory!  ​​This one stems from the biblical story of Adam and Eve.  The “Tree of Knowledge,” from which Eve eats the forbidden fruit, is often depicted as an apple tree.  The apple, therefore, is the fruit of knowledge, making it the perfect gift for a teacher.  


So whichever theory is correct, and it is probably a little of both, the connection between apples and teachers holds today!  Luckily Gala apples are being harvested just in time to gift your favorite teacher, or as Bing Crosby so famously sang, “An apple for the teacher will always do the trick when you don’t know your lesson in arithmetic.”  I wish I would have known this in middle school!


Theories aside, Gala apples are an excellent variety to get, to give, and to keep!  They originated in New Zealand in 1934.  A cross between the Golden Delicious and the Kidd’s Orange Red.  They actually have a fairly impressive lineage.  Besides being the offspring of two great apples, they are parents to the Jazz apple, Royal Gala, and Pacific Rose.


Galas are mildly sweet, with a creamy yellow and crisp bite.  They are covered in thin yellow-hued skin with pink and red stripes.  Not only are they an excellent apple for eating, but they are fantastic for baking, cooking, and juicing!  They are truly an impressive apple from the inside out!  It is no wonder they are now the most popular apple consumed in the US.


It stands to reason that the Gala apple is the perfect apple to hand to your favorite teacher or student this back-to-school season. 






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