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Westlake Weekly Update 3.23.21 


Featured Item: Strawberry Season


I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like strawberries.  Parents around the world don’t usually have to convince their kids to try the berries like they do broccoli.  The appeal is instant.  Strawberries are attractive fruits, there’s no other way to say it.  They have a gorgeous color when ripe, an interesting shape with a cute little leaf cap, and they smell fresh and sweet! It’s like a seduction even before you take the first bite. 


But like a rare looker, their beauty is not just skin deep!  The most incredible thing about strawberries is their health benefits.  It is actually recommended that you eat 8 berries every day.  Through clinical research, studies have found that eating a cup of strawberries daily has huge benefits, including improved heart and brain health, reduced risk of some cancers, and better management of type 2 diabetes.


Strawberries are high in vitamin C.  Eating 8 a day, fulfills your recommended daily requirement.  This same serving also provides 9% of your RDA of folate, which is essential during pregnancy.  They also contain good amounts of potassium, fiber, and flavonoids.  Top that off with being low in calories, and it’s the perfect snack for you and your family!


Luckily strawberries are available year-round, but truly they are the first fruit to ripen in the spring.  Along the central and southern coast of California, strawberries are getting ripe for the picking!  California’s sunny days and cool nights are just the right mix for the popular berries to grow, along with the rich soil, and passionate people.


California strawberry farmers may only farm on less than one percent of the Golden State’s fertile farmland, but they are world leaders in strawberry farming, responsible for 90% of America’s strawberries sold and consumed.  


California strawberry farmers are an inspiring group of people. In many cases, they are second and third-generation farmers.  They understand the importance of maintaining time-honored family techniques, as well as developing new sustainable farming practices to protect the precious land.  



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