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Westlake Weekly Update 6.02.21 


Featured Item: California Cherries


Hello, mon cheri…how I cherish our fleeting romance each summer.  One day you show up blushing bright red, and I welcome you back into my life with open arms.  In the early days of our reacquaintance, I try to keep you to myself.  I deny your existence for a period of time, but my family is too smart.  They can see my red-stained lips and hands, and they quickly know it is cherry season.


There is something extraordinary about the cherry season.  Unlike most fruits today, cherries are only available for a short time. And, I am definitely one that gravitates towards things I can’t always have.  So, being told it’s not available just makes me want it more!  Hence, when I am denied my sweet sweet cherries all year long, you can bet I am the first to buy them when they hit the shelves in May.


Not only are these little drupes only harvested for a few short months, but they blossom from gorgeous botanically “perfect” flowers.  Perfect because they have both the male and female structures within the same flower.  


My love affair usually begins in May but really gets steamy in early June as Washington cherries are harvested.  If I am lucky, I can enjoy them well into August. That’s why it’s critical to capture them while you can!  


 I am a huge fan of just enjoying them fresh out of hand.  There’s nothing better than a bowl full of cherries; I mean, there’s a reason that’s an expression!  


A handful of cherries is not only delightful and delicious, but incredibly good for you! The calories in cherries are minimal compared to the wealth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health benefits that a handful provides.


A typical serving of fresh cherries is about 21 fruits or the equivalent of one cup. The number of cherries in a handful depends on the size of your hand, but it would likely average about ten cherries or half a cup. The low number of calories in cherries makes them an ideal snack if you’re trying to manage your weight.  How, you may wonder?


Well, they provide a good deal of fiber to your diet. A typical serving has 12% of your daily value or DV.   The fiber in cherries creates a gel-like substance in your small intestine and increases your production of the hormones that make you feel full. So, if you can curb your appetite with cherries, you are less likely to overeat later.  Plus, the fiber adds bulk to undigested food and reduces the number of calories absorbed into your body!  This knowledge should have you running out to buy cherries!  This is yet another way cherries can help you manage your weight!

But at the end of the day, it is genuinely about the flavor of the fruit.  Like most summer romances, it seems like you just can’t get enough. 



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