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Westlake Weekly Update 10.28.20 

Featured Item: Brussels Sprouts


Brussels Sprouts are considered the most scandalous of all vegetables.  Next to politics, they can evoke very strong feelings and arguments around the holiday table.  People tend to have a decisive opinion about these leafy globes.  Simply put, you either love them or you hate them!  


These mini cabbage-like veggies are small but mighty…and I’m not just talking about the smell.   They have numerous health benefits.  Brussels sprouts are cruciferous vegetables, closely related to broccoli, cabbage, and kale.  They are bursting with vitamin C, K, folate, and fiber!  As an additional benefit, sprouts are incredibly filling, so you eat less.  Plus, current research shows they support a healthy gut and can help fight cancer!  So don’t be so quick to turn your nose up at these babies. 


I truly believe that if you don’t like Brussels sprouts, you just haven’t had them prepared right. For one, disregard your first experience with them.  They were probably boiled, and they should never be boiled!  It makes them slimy and gross and kills all the good stuff that helps our bodies.  Brussels sprouts are best roasted or steamed or roasted….(not a typo). They can quickly become more caloric when you add all the good stuff like bacon, so beware.  I must confess that my favorite is to bathe them in olive oil and sprinkle them with pancetta.  Cut in half, roasting in the oven is my jam!  The leaves on the outside get all crispy and charred, while the inside remains soft and tender.  


As often as we make them in our house, I had to come up with new ways to use them.  One such gem I discovered was shredded sprouts.  They are easily shredded in a food processor or purchased already shredded.  Then they can be sauteed in a skillet with a little butter, olive, or avocado oil.  Alternatively, they can be roasted this way as well, and used for tacos! Wrapped up in a warm corn tortilla… add a few beans, onions, and roasted corn, topped with crispy Brussels sprouts, it will blow your mind!  Or add them to your favorite potato pancake or latka recipe!  Topped off with a poached or fried egg….. “muah!”


What better time than now to give Brussels sprouts another go.  Whether you’re a hater or a lover, they’re in season now. Yes, they are available year-round, but October through December is the true season of Brussels sprouts.  Maybe that’s why traditionally they make it or break it at our holiday dinner tables.  


Oh Brussels sprouts, how I love thee!  I don’t know who will be at my table this holiday season, but I do know Brussels sprouts will have a place of honor.  And if it’s just my immediate family, which I hope not, that just means more Brussels sprouts for me!


*Disclaimer: I am devout and biased towards the following vegetable.





In citrus news, California navel oranges are starting up in a light way.  The supply will begin to ramp up in the next couple of weeks.   Navels are now being de-greened for color, with the process taking up to 3 – 4 days.  The current peak sizes are 88s and 113s, followed by 72s and 138s.   The  56s and larger and larger are limited.  Demand will continue strong on this variety. It’s a good time to look ahead on what you need.    We will have promotable supply for mid-November!!!


The California desert and Arizona lemons are available with good quality.  The peak sizes on these are 140s and 115s.   Demand overall is very good on 115s and larger for retail.    Central California lemons are also getting started in a light way.  As offshore lemons finish up, prices are expect to firm up.


Texas Rio Star Grapefruit is definitely available.    The fruit is eating great and we have good supply of most sizes.  


Pummelo Grapefruit will start up this week in a very light way, with more supply being packed next week.   The peak size on 10s and 12s.   Some growers are ring picking to allow some 6s and 8s. 


Honey Tangerines from Peru remain available for your enjoyment.   We will continue to have product through November.   Peaking sizing remains in 60s and 70s.   The fruit continues to eat excellently!!   Please call us for pricing and availability.


 We will continue to push Australian Tango Mandarins in bags through next week.  The fruit looks and eats great.  Mostly size 28s and larger.  Packing in 2lb and 3lb bags.   Call us for availability !!


New Crop Domestic Clementines are expected to start the first to the second week in November.   They are being held back a bit due to color.   We are expecting a very good supply to come in by mid to late November.   A fantastic opportunity for promotions on this item!







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