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Westlake Weekly Update 10.20.21


Featured Item: Asapargus Tips

Whether you like your asparagus thin, wispy, and delicate or prefer stalks as thick as redwoods – size doesn’t matter when it comes to your health!  Asparagus is high in fiber, folate (great for pregnant women), and vitamins A, K, and C, but did you know that it is one of the best vegetables to help you detox your liver and kidneys.


Like leafy greens and cruciferous veggies, asparagus spears are loaded with sulfur and chlorophyll.  These nutrients help to detox heavy metals like mercury and lead.  Chlorophyll is a vital compound to a plant’s growth.  If you think about it like this, the asparagus you see in the market is actually the shoots of what is supposed to become a much larger tree-like plant.  Meaning it has a higher concentration of chlorophyll to suit the needs of its potential, which translates to all that good stuff going into your body!


But, asparagus stands alone when it comes to glutathione. It has more glutathione than any other vegetable.  This well-known antioxidant plays a vital role in purging the body of carcinogens and free radicals. This antioxidant reduces the risk of developing certain cancers and diseases. 


The asparagus has been widely used as an herbal remedy, especially as a cure for a hang-over.  The spears can reduce alcohol toxicity and increase the enzymes used to break down toxins in the liver. I’m already thinking of great Sunday brunch ideas!


In addition, eating asparagus can act as a natural diuretic.  There is some evidence that it helps the body increase urine production and help the body flush (pun intended) excess salt.  Surprisingly asparagus is known for preventing stones in the kidney and bladder.  It can also help defeat or keep urinary tract infections at bay.


Regardless of all these amazing health facts, the bottom line is asparagus is delicious!  It’s a versatile veggie that can be prepared in any number of ways.  My favorite go-to recipe is sauteed with eggs over easy.  Getting green vegetables like asparagus in my body in the morning keeps me on the right track for the rest of the day.

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