Westlake Produce Company is a grower and distributor of a wide range of stunning, high-quality fruits and vegetables. At Westlake Produce Company our mission is to serve our growers', customers', and employees' needs first with the knowledge and belief that all of our interests are unified. "Service, Above All!" Is our motto and our promise to provide our valued customers, growers, and employees with the utmost care and assistance.

About US

Westlake Produce prides ourselves on having some of the best sales and accounting staff the Industry has to offer. With over 300 years of sales experience on staff, we take pride in being a great source of information to our partners in the industry while having the expertise to develop the next generation of successful members of our trade. When it comes to product availability, seasonal programs, or just plain commodity information, our team is ready to assist you in accomplishing your sales goals.

Founded in 1962 by Joe Sims and Bill Brooks, Sr. as distributors of potatoes, onions, and melons, Brooks & Sims was originally located in the L.A. Terminal Produce Building above the Seventh Street Market. Joe and Bill Sr. brought their sons into the business in the 1970s, and by 1982, Bill Brooks Jr. was part of the management/ownership team. The company eventually expanded with offices in both Los Angles and Newport Beach. Throughout its nearly 40 years in existence, Brooks & Sims evolved and adapted to overcome numerous challenges that confront most produce companies: extreme weather conditions, economic boom/bust, customer consolidation, commodity embargos, and key personnel changes. At the close of the 1990s, the consolidation that had swept through the produce industry at the retail level prompted Brooks & Sims to seek out and consummate a merger of their operations with Westlake Miller in 2001 in order to broaden their commodity offerings to a contracting customer base. Paying homage to their collective traditions, the new company originally operated under the name Westlake-Miller / Brooks & Sims. Over time, the desire to shorten the name won out and Westlake Produce Company was born.

regions, apples, melons, avocados, cranberries, and temperature recorders, the company was originally located in downtown Los Angeles across from the wholesale markets. Over the years, the firm grew, and moved to a bigger location as Ed brought his three sons into the business. A defining time in the company's 30 years of operation was a six year period in the 1980s when it survived three Florida freezes. That led the firm to diversify into Texas citrus and other non-citrus commodities. Ed Miller Co. was also one of the first U.S. firms to export Florida grapefruit to Japan in the late 70's. In 1997, Jeff Miller acquired the company from his father and he and his brothers, Steve and Ed Jr., merged its operations with Westlake Distributors in order to diversify and solidify their long-term position with the Southern California produce marketplace. The merged company did business as Westlake-Miller.Founded in 1964 by Ed Miller Sr. as distributors of citrus from all growing

Founded in 1978 by Harvey Sherman and Ernie Colton, Westlake Distributors, Inc. thrived in the Los Angeles marketplace selling melons, citrus, grapes, and vegetables to a growing retail customer base. In the early 1990s, Dale Liefer assumed majority ownership and helped cement the firm's position in the Southern California landscape. Soon the company added field inspection and logistics support, and sought out strategic business combinations to strengthen relationships with their industry partners, including both their customers and their suppliers.


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Apples, Pears, & Cherries

The apple market continues to be firm on all small sizes. California cherries have been harvested in very small amounts. There is some market volatility as prices are being established.

Fun Fact: Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds!

California Citrus:

Late lane variety California navel oranges have begun, with larger sizes being more prominent.
California Valencia oranges are being shipped by numerous growers and their quality is improving weekly!
California lemon production is coming from Central California and the Ventura area. California lemons are peaking at sizes 95 and larger.
California W. Murcotts will run for the next few weeks, and will be the prevalent variety used in bags!
The domestic Minneola tangelo season has ended. Imported Minneolas will be coming from Peru in July.
California Star Ruby grapefruit has begun and their movement is great. The fruit has a nice blush on the skin and it tastes delicious!

Imported Citrus

More arrivals of Peruvian Satsuma mandarin oranges scheduled this week! Seedless and easy to peel, this piece of citrus is lighter in color but it tastes delicious. Sizes are peaking on 70s and 80s!
Fun Fact: Lemons are believed to be a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron.

Potato and Onion Update

Hearty and wholesome!

Western Washington is packing beautiful red potatoes, but they are very close to being finished. Idaho is still packing red and yellow potatoes. Pressure from demand, as other areas finish, is tightening up the red and yellow Idaho potato market. Bakersfield, California has finished packing red, white, and yellow potatoes. New crop red, yellow, and white potatoes are available out of Coachella, California.

Fun Fact: Many people think Potatoes are vegetables but, in fact, potatoes are legumes! A legume is plant that is able to fix nitrogen from the air and put it into the soil, and potatoes do just that.

Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are packing Norkotahs and their quality is generally good. Size in Idaho remains small and cartons are short, but the market is going up!

Fun Fact: Idaho, the present-day largest producer of potatoes, actually did not begin growing potatoes until 1836!

Washington and Idaho are packing yellow and red onions. Overall onion quality is fair for late storage onions. The market is very active.

Mexico is harvesting yellow, red, white, and sweet onions. Overall quality is good on the yellow, reds, and whites. This area should finish soon.

Vidalia has started packing their sweet onions.

Texas is packing their 1015 sweet onions. Volume is good and their quality is very nice!

Fun Fact: The pungent juice of onions has been used as a moth repellent and can be rubbed on the skin to prevent insect bites!


Ataulfo mango supplies are limited at the moment but we are waiting for new areas to harvest. Mexico is shipping Tommy Atkins mangoes. Their sizes are peaking on sizes 10’s and 12’s. Demand exceeds supply. The area of Nayarit will start harvesting soon, and will give better supply on the 10/12 size.

Fun Fact: Mango seeds traveled with humans from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America beginning around 300 or 400 A.D.

Better lime supplies are coming across with peak sizing at the 200/300 size. Lime prices are steady with excellent quality.

Fun Fact: India is the greatest producer of limes in the world.

Latin Items

Flavorful and colorful!

Light supplies of jalapenos are coming out of Coachella, California. Jalapenos from Oxnard, California are still a few weeks out. Pasilla and tomatillo peppers are coming from Northern Baja, Mexico. We have plenty of volume on both of these spicy specialties. Production will move slowly into southern Baja.

Fun Fact: Serranos are generally the hottest chile commonly available in the U.S.



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