Apples & Pears

Chinese New Year is coming January 25th, demand increases for large Fuji apples.  As we welcome in the Year of the Rat, we say goodbye to the Cosmic Crisp apple. Call us now for your apple needs!


Westlake has moved our honeydew growing region to Southern Mexico! These melons from the south are looking better than their Northern cousins.  Honeydew volume is still low as offshore dews have not fully come into season.  We expect this to trend for the next few weeks.  Cantaloupes continue to come from our growers in Mexico and Guatemala.  We are currently bringing in containers from Guatemala in both LA and Houston.  Seedless watermelon is still extremely tight.  Please place your orders ahead of time with Westlake.  We are monitoring the situation and can offer you the best of the crops! 



Lime volume is picking up!  Westlake has fruit from our growers coming in from Mexico via Texas, shipping to the East and West Coasts.  Pricing is in the teens on 175s/200s/230s, call us now for promotional pricing!

We are all done with our Mangoes out of Ecuador, but we started receiving them from Peru on Friday.

The newly named  Honey Mangoes (also known as the ataulfo) from Mexico will start arriving this week.  Don’t miss out on these! We currently can offer the 20s, 22s, and 24s, but expect the larger yellows late next week.  Remember these may be smaller in size, but they make up for it in texture and smaller seed.

The Kiwi market is limited currently and the pricing is expected to go up on this year-round item.

The pineapple market continues to be extremely tight and we are limited on the larger sized fruit.  We expect this trend to continue for the next few weeks. Westlake is monitoring this situation closely, please call for day to day updates and pricing.



In other citrus news, California is offering the best fruit currently.  All varieties are perfect eating and availability is there for promotion.  Florida is offering the Orri mandarin and Juicy Crunch tangerine. They are outstanding quality, but supplies are limited.   Further south, Mexico is moving the Honey tangerine. These are easy peeling and priced right for ads. With all this great citrus available, there is no excuse to catch a cold!

Potato & Onion


Currently, russet potatoes are still very tight, and the market remains strong. Colored potatoes are tight, and the market is showing signs of strength.   Meanwhile, the onion supply is tight on all colors, and we expect the market to go up on these.  Let's hope that the weather cooperates this week, or we could have some issues with production and transportation.

Latin Products

Look out for the red Fresno chili arriving biweekly from Florida!  Westlake has plenty of peppers, and the market remains strong. We are watching the FOB prices in Nogales slide down just a little.


It may be cold in California,  but the strawberry market is heating up! Pricing is going up due to the weather, but there is also not enough supply to cover retail needs on both the East and West Coast. As for the growing regions, Mexico continues to ship strawberries but has yet to peak. Baja is currently extremely limited, but is the best quality right now for all strawberry growing regions, followed by  Oxnard, and Florida (which is very limited). Santa Maria continues to ship strawberries,  as well as Salinas, which are growing under hoops.

Westlake expects the market to be in the double digits through January and early February.

  • Blueberries are readily available on 6oz and 8/18oz -- Peru, Chile, and Mexico are currently the top 3 exporters into the US Market. 
  • Blackberries have been fair out of Mexico and remained on the lower end of the market.  Pricing is still in the single digits.
  • Raspberries out of Mexico are limited and the pricing is in the double digits.

Call us for all your berry needs, promotional pricing and pack requests!

Specialty Produce

The dragon fruit market is stable and remains consistent for Chinese New Year, starting Saturday the  25th. It is important to prebook these shipments with Westlake.


Check out our organic offerings of winter favorites!


  • California Organic Citrus
  • Orange navels
  • Cara Cara navels 
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Meyer lemons
  • Satsuma mandarins
  • Tangelo minneolas 

Call us now for sizing and promotions! 



Another big event is happening in a couple of short weeks...the Superbowl!  Now Westlake won’t publically back either team, but we can all back the presence of guacamole at any 49ers or Chief’s party!  Avocados from California (don’t worry Chief’s fans they’re not from SF!) have started and we expect full loads on 48s and 40s.  We don’t expect the smaller sized avos from Cali to happen until late February. Mexico will be slowing down this week and next, but expect a push after the Superbowl!  

Call us for day to day availability, pricing, and our pick on who’s going to take it!