Apples & Pears

Westlake has seen record movement on apples out of the Pacific Northwest.  The price is being pushed up across the board. As the country tries to restock the shelves at the store level, the growers and shippers are packing around the clock.  We are grateful as everyone is working extremely hard to keep up demand.



Please call us for an update!



Here comes Mango Madness!  We have Ataulfo and Tommy mangoes available from our growers in Mexico.  

The mango production and demand has slowed down, due to the current U.S. situation. In addition, climate change has caused the growing region of Nayarit to be a month late on production. 

The lime market is stronger on sizes 175s/200s while 230s and smaller, the pricing is looser. 

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Please call us for an update!

Potato & Onion


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Latin Products

The weather from February has affected all new harvest areas.  Peppers are very short and active, as growing regions are delayed.




As the rain ceases, we expect a little more production out of Oxnard and Santa Maria. Baja is ramping up with more volume... so call for pricing! 

Blackberries have become limited, with pricing going up.

Raspberries out of Mexico are also limited. 

Blueberries are more readily available ... There are some late Chilean arrivals still available. However, Mexico is currently producing the majority of blueberries at this time.

ALL BERRIES ARE DAY TO DAY.  Call us for more updates and availability!


Specialty Produce

There has been good supply on Ecuadorean white and yellow dragon fruit.  We expect its season to wind down in the next few weeks.

Vietnamese white and red dragon fruit pricing continues to be strong due to weather conditions.

Call for daily pricing/and size availability!


In organic news, the California navel is coming to end sooner than later.  However, we have organic Valencia oranges coming shortly. Expect updates on price and availability.  The California organic avocado has been limited due to the rain. We expect there to be lots of small fruit available.  The rain has also held off an increase in organic lemons. Please prebook during this time. While March Madness has been canceled, we still have “Mango Madness to look forward to!  We currently have organic Tommy mangoes available out of Mexico. They are peaking on 9/10ct, so start ordering ahead...volume is coming!


Now is the time to add avocados to your ADs!  There are plenty of avocados from California and Mexico available.  Hass is the way to go, with their smooth buttery taste and texture. The quality and taste are excellent.