Apples, Cherries, & Pears

New crop Gala apples are being harvested in Washington and California. New-crop Honeycrisp apples out of the Northwest have arrived! Here are the northwest apple start dates:

Red Delicious - September 21st

Jonagold - September 28th

Braeburn - October 12th

Granny - October 15th

Pink Lady - October 15th

California Starkrimson, Bosc, and Bartlett pears are now available! We also have new-crop Bartlett pears out of the northwest. We will begin packing organic D'Anjou pears in the Northwest!

Fun Fact: One of the most incredible natural features of the Opal Apple is that it does not brown after cutting!


Domestic cantaloupe and honeydew, out of the west side, are in full production. The watermelon market will continue to firm up until Mexico begins to harvest.



Citrus: California & Imported

The lemon market, as a whole, is coming down in price. Smaller fruit is readily available!

California Star Ruby grapefruit is wrapping up, and we are transitioning to California Marsh Ruby grapefruits. The warm weather has given our Marsh Rubies a very nice blush on their skin!

California Valencia oranges will continue for the next few weeks.

Chilean and Australian Navel oranges are in full swing! Large Navel oranges are in good supply, while 88’s and smaller Navels are tightening up for the time being.

Peruvian and Chilean W.Murcotts are now arriving! We will have excellent volume over the next few months. Bagged Murcotts are increasing in price, as arrivals out of Chile on this varietal will experience a two week gap, making availability limited.

Large Peruvian W.Murcotts and Minneolas are available with great supply in 22 lb cartons. We have promotable volumes and pricing available! Give us a call for details.

Peruvian Honey Tangerines have arrived! This fruit looks great with amazing taste. Low acid and high sugar makes this bright favorite amongst the best citrus that Peru has to offer! Call now for pricing!

Fun Fact: Lemons are believed to be a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron.


Potato and Onion Update

Hearty and wholesome!

Stockton, California will be finished with 2018’s colored potato crop very soon. Western Washington and Skagit Valley have begun packing new-crop red, white, & yellow potatoes, and their quality is outstanding! Eastern Washington and Idaho continue to pack red and yellow potatoes.

Fun Fact: Many people think Potatoes are vegetables but, in fact, potatoes are legumes! A legume is plant that is able to fix nitrogen from the air and put it into the soil, and potatoes do just that.


New-crop russet potatoes are shipping from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Their quality is excellent, and we have plenty available in every size!

Fun Fact: Idaho, the present-day largest producer of potatoes, actually did not begin growing potatoes until 1836!


Central California will finish with their onion crop in the near future. Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada are in full swing on 2018-19 onion crop!

Fun Fact: The pungent juice of onions has been used as a moth repellent and can be rubbed on the skin to prevent insect bites




Kent and keitt mangoes, out of Mexico, are in season. We have good supply on 8/7 sizes followed by 9/10. We have promotable supplies on larger sizes.

Fun Fact: Mango seeds traveled with humans from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America beginning around 300 or 400 A.D.


New-crop limes are starting. Their volume is tight, with sizes peaking on 175’s and larger. Lime prices are up for the time being.

Fun Fact: India is the greatest producer of limes in the world.



Domestic cantaloupe and honeydew, out of the west side, are in full production. The watermelon market will continue to firm up until Mexico begins to harvest.


Latin Products

Flavorful and colorful!

The hot pepper market will change within the next few weeks! We will see pepper quality change as we come into mid-September. Pepper prices will gradually go up, and there will be a small gap on all peppers. Sinaloa, Mexico will harvest first cuts of peppers on October 10th. New Crop jicama will be available this coming week, with thicker skin, which means it will be good for shipping out of Mexico! California Jicama is also nice and white, with one month left in the season

Fun Fact: Serranos are the hottest peppers commonly available in the U.S.